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Attorney General

Why the AG's Office?

 When he realized Delaware was faced with a choice between two democrats on the November ballot for AG for all intents purposes, JR, on 9/20, decided to throw his hat in the ring as the sensible candidate in the race. 

Death Penalty

There are some heinous crimes in Delaware. Those perpetrators show us that they don't deserve to be in our society. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" is our right and isn't to be taken away from us the citizen whose trying to make a living, raising their children and just trying to enjoy life. The citizens of Delaware deserve a change to experience the best. Criminals don't have a right to take that away from them. For violent offenders this is an acceptable punishment.


We need to separate the violent ones from the nonviolent so we can meet their needs. Some need more time to reflect on their life choices. 

While others need "a leg up", "a helping hand". These helps may come as vocational train, or drug treatment, or even mentoring.

Conviction Rate

Yes there'll be mistakes but criminals will know their actions won't be tolerated.

Who am I

Milford Delaware

I've lived in Delaware all my life growing up as the son of a local businessman in Milford, Delaware. My father owned and operated Jester's Trash Service and had a fleet of Lunch trucks aka Snack Wagons. 

Known around town as JR, I went to school in Milford and entered the workforce at Burris Foods and Masten Home Centers


I have over 30 years in the computer industry.

I started as a night computer operator Burris Foods' Milford location. Then I spent 8 years working for Masten Home Center in their office building on McCoy Street also in Milford.

Personal Life

 I am currently employed by the state of Delaware. He is a board member of his church "Faith Church of the Nazarene and a loving husband and father of three. I reside in Cheswold.

I'm also a member of Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club. I joined IDPA, International Defense Pistol Association in 2017 and I try to attend a match at least once a month.

Spiritual Beliefs

I've accepted Jesus as my personal savior and try to live by the lessons given in the Bible. While I don't always succeed, I try. I don't try to push my beliefs on others, I make an attempt to make sure others are ready for the hereafter before the final curtain closes.

Write-in Candidate Status

The write-in process


The Write-in process is simple, but the voter has to know that it exists. Below is a link to a youtube video demonstrating the process.

Delaware Voting Machines -

Remember to choose "Write-in" and then write in the candidates name whom you're voting for, close the door, but FIRST vote for your other candidates, press "Vote"!

Hopefully I'll be the candidate you're voting for!

Why the write-in candidate status?

Allen was trying to be a good citizen and research the candidate when he noticed there wasn't a republican running for Attorney General. Asking around he discovered the "Republican" on the ballot was a Democrat who switched parties. After futher researching he decided to run; however it was too late to file as a candidate, the primaries had past and the deadline for filing for General Election had closed. The ONLY other choice was to file as a Write-in Candidate. With no others filing, on 9/20/2018, he filed for the Attorney General's office.


Please remember me and follow the Write-in process for me and any other write-in candidate you choose.

The Platform

Bringing back the Death Penalty!

The 1st Step is Restoring the Death Penalty. Protecting the public from violent offenders by installing a court approved version of the Death Penalty.

The Plan

The Death Penalty is only 1 phase. Combined with  Vocational  training for non-violent inmates. 

Punishing violent criminals and assisting non-violent criminals.

Get Involved

I candidate can't win this race without your help. Social Media, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.


Death Penalty and statues

Ending recidivism for violent offenders. Offenders that have no regard for the rights of the public. "Fool us once shame on you; fool us twice shame ..." well no second chances for violent offenders.

Modifying laws to protect young and old alike. 

Make the jeopardy the same for attempted murder as murder where aid for the victim isn't rendered and the victim is left for dead.

Announce coming events

I'm planning to attend the Sussex County Republicans meeting in Seaford this Thursday night.

Why am I doing this?

My disappointment with 2 philosophical Democrat candidates followed by research into the office of the AG. Then the   an anger from finding  a 28year prison sentence for a man that raped a 4yr old girl and threw her into a pond: and politicians wanting to appeal the death penalty when it appears to be needed. 

Nothing to lose!

I'm not an attorney. I don't have a conviction rate to protect unlike the other candidates!


This caused my blood to boil; from the Press Releases from the Attorney General's Office .


More content coming.

Your Opinions Matter! Let your voice be heard!

How can we help you? Have you seen criminal activity? Has your rights been violated?

Help make us better OR report a problem!!

How can we help you?

Have you seen criminal activity?

Has your rights been violated?

Jester For AG

(302) 858-0291


Attempted Murder Jeopardy

Anyone who has committed attempted murder in the commission of a felony who does not provide aid, remain until assistance arrives and identify with responders, that act shall carry the same weight as 1st degree murder regardless whether the victim (s) live. Synopsis: Leaving the victim(s) for dead, whom survives, carries the same jeopardy as murder.

Attorney Generals are Lawyers, right?

Generally. A precedence is something that hasn't happened before, but has merits to happen now.

Ask yourself, "Do you feel safe in Delaware?", "Is crime a problem in Delaware?", "Do criminals get the punishment they deserve?".

I will do my best to ensure that plea deals water down sentences for violent criminals.

I'm not an attorney

Attorney Generals assumed to have a law degree. 

I don't have a law degree. Unlike my opponents, I don't have to protect a pristine conviction rate to protect. 

 I will do my best to ensure that plea deals water down sentences for violent criminals. 

Protecting the rights of people of Faith

Criminals have rights. "Yes they do", but do they have more rights? No.

If a person whom believe that a Deity is involved in and guides their life, shouldn't they be following the moral laws the protect citizens. 

I believe the people of Faith try to do there best to be moral citizens. 

Criminals usually violate moral code and therefore forfeit special benefits while in prison. If they truly believe in a Deity then they can ask for forgiveness when they get out of prison.

Opponents: Standing up to the Trump

How does resisting Trump make you a more effective prosecutor? Trump isn't trying to change our laws, unless you want Delaware to be a Sanctuary State.

Obviously opponents are trying to use fear and hate to rally support. Don't fall for it. I'll do my best to ensure that violent criminals get the punishment they deserve.



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